Friday, February 13, 2009

Offshore Credit Card Load Limits

Offshore Credit Card Load Limits

Ok. As I've discussed in earlier posts, the idea of an "offshore credit card" is at times a bit of a misnomer. Why? Because in many cases no real "credit" is actually being extended. The resources necessary to evaluate the credit worthiness of borrowers in far away lands, much less the expertise or resources to collect on bad debts isn't really there.

So, what we end up with are debit cards or prepaid credit cards. And, this is where we find the concept of "Card Load Limits" (believe it or not).

While we discussed in an earlier post the concept of a no-limit offshore credit card, many of the cards on offer with the various offshore banks and financial institutions are limited in one or more ways.

Often that limit has to do with atm withdrawals daily, monthly, or weekly. It could do with purchase limits placed on the card, or as we are discussing here, it could do with offshore credit card load limits.

As you might imagine load limits vary by card, however, quite frequently you will find middle-tier offshore credit cards (prepaid credit cards really) with load limits in the 60,000 USD per month range.

For the life of me, I'm really not sure why an offshore credit card (prepaid card) would have a load limit on it. Perhaps there is some fraud consideration that I've yet to fully comprehend or consider.

Of course, as you might imagine, some of the more robust upper end offshore credit cards have no load limit associated with them, and indeed most of the offshore debit cards, have no load limit associated with them as the card usually gives you access to all the funds you have on deposit with that account the debit card is linked to.

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