Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Offshore Credit Cards - The Truth

I intend for this blog to be about offshore credit cards -- Including, what is possible, what is not possible, the dangers, possible legal and illegal uses, the tax authorities' take on their use, what's the cost, the best jurisdiction for your offshore card, what information you'll have to share with the authorities, filling out a credit card application, offshore credit card processing, high risk merchants, offshore merchant accounts, offshore merchant account processing costs, the tie to offshore banking, offshore banking with offshore cards, offshore cards with 'onshore' accounts, tax havens and your offshore credit card, bank secrecy and offshore credit cards, which network will protect your privacy the best, mastercard offshore credit cards, visa offshore credit cards, off-brand offshore credit cards, offshore debit cards, offshore prepaid credit cards, secured offshore credit cards, offshore credit card limits, embossed cards, unembossed cards and privacy, anonymous unembossed cards, automatic teller machines, automatic teller machines and offshore credit cards, offshore credit card atm limits, daily atm limits, weekly atm limits, monthly atm limits, offshore credit card load limits, offshore credit card security deposits, offshore credit card fees, offshore card monthly fees, offshore card annual fees,
offshore credit card atm withdrawal fees, bank machine fees, offshore credit card balance request fees, offshore credit card replacement card fees, staying anonymous with your offshore card, multiple offshore cards - one offshore account, duplicate cards for your spouse or partner, platinum cards offshore, gold offshore credit cards, no-limit offshore credit card, withdrawal limits on cards, spending limits on offshore cards, protection from theft on offshore credit cards, and anything else related to acquiring an offshore credit card, opening an offshore account with a credit card, or paying for an offshore account with a credit card, paypal and offshore credit cards, offshore credit card reviews, which banks have offshore credit cards, and which offshore banks have the best credit card options, credit cards for online purchases, how to accept credit cards on your site, how the IRS views offshore credit cards, UK offshore credit cards, isle of man offshore credit cards, guernsey offshore credit cards, caribbean offshore banking and credit cards, bahamas offshore credit card, grand cayman banks and offshore cards, gibralter and offshore cards, swiss offshore credit cards, austrian credit cards, offshore cards for cypress, and anything else to do with the offshore credit card

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