Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No-limit Offshore Credit Card

No-limit Offshore Credit Cards

"No limit credit cards exist in the offshore world, however, they are perhaps a bit different than the quasi-no-limit cards available in the onshore world.

No-limit Credit Cards

Perhaps the most famous "no limit" credit card I know of is the American Express Black Card. It is also entirely possible that Visa and MasterCard offer some very high limit credit cards that I'm just not familiar with since I don't run in those circles :)

The Amex black card, I imagine is only theoretically unlimited. I'm sure there is some theoretical or practical upper bound at which point the card won't work. Could you buy a house with it? Certainly. A yacht? Depending on the size, maybe. A mansion, lear jet or small country? Probably not.

Truly No-Limit Offshore "Credit Cards"

Offshore cards are differentiated from their onshore cousins in that most of them are actually debit cards and prepaid credit cards. This in theory gives them the potential to be "unlimited" in that the issuing company isn't taking on unknown credit risk. That said, many of the debit and prepaid cards still have limits.

ATM Withdrawal Limits

Bank Machine or Automatic Teller Machine withdrawal limits I believe are set by the bank, the network, and the bank machine in question. While some of the more high limit offshore credit cards have daily ATM withdrawal limits of 10,000 pounds, I don't know of any that have "unlimited" daily cash withdrawals. While the amount of risk on a prepaid credit card is limited to the amount of money the depositor has loaded onto his or her card, at some point possessing the card could be dangerous as it puts the holder of the card at some risk of abduction or generally villany knowing the carrier can access that much cash readily without raising suspicion or questions.

Offshore Credit Card Spending Limits

While many of the high roller offshore cards offer spending limits around $30,000/day, there is also a MasterCard offered through a bank in Macedonia which is truly "unlimited" when it comes to spending limits.

The user can use his or her card to buy an unlimited amount of products from vendors whereever MasterCard is accepted. The card, however, is in actuality a debit card, so the card is in reality limited by what the client has in his or her offshore banking account.

Load Limits of Offshore Credit Cards

While traditional credit card user never think about "load limits", in the offshore world where "credit card" is in reality a misnomer, the offshore credit card is usually prepaid or the card is a debit card.

A debit card can usually access any and all monies carried in the offshore account, while a prepaid card is usually manually loaded by the client (online usually) by moving money from an offshore account to the card in question.

While a prepaid card takes extra managment and work, it functions like a credit card for the purposes of car rentals etc and allows the user to limit his or her risk of theft or loss via the card.

In most cases the users of high limit cards is limited to 60,000USD per month. In other cases, as in the case with certain highlimit platinum and gold cards, there truly is no load limit. The off shore credit card will hold as much money as the user wishes to load onto it at any given time.

So Where Do I get a No-Limit Credit Card

There are probably several vendors that offer something similar. My company offers a no spending limit offshore MasterCard with no load limits. This allows someone to spend as many as millions of dollars on their card if that is what they need. However, a vast majority of our customers opt for a high roller platinum card with vastly more benefits, a slightly lower spending limit, higher atm withdrawal limits and lower atm credit card withdrawal fees

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